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i1928 005/99

Modern / Female take a look

i1929 006/99

Brave / Female / Male take a look

i1610 005/99

Light / Female take a look

i919 006/03p

Light / Female take a look

i921 001/13p

Brave / Female take a look

i930 126/02p

Modern / Male take a look


Be ICON, Be Passion


Models are made of special material for durability, lightness and minimalist style. This innovative and high quality material is hypoallergenic and extremely resistant. Luminaires are thin and flexible, providing the perfect fit for head and face construction. Each product of this line surprises with its creativity. Delicate design, simple form are the characteristics of this collection. Models are designed for people who value comfort and ease wearing. It meets the highest requirements of the consumer. Unusual color scheme gives character and style to the bezel. The collection is perfect for both men and women.


This innovative collection is characterized by combining different materials. This collection is a true contemporary fashion! Synonym of quality and elegance. Customers who like modernity will appreciate the latest collection. This line presents top shapes in a modern form. The colors on the outside contrast with the colors from the inside. The latest models are the epitome of fashion and elegance. In order to meet the needs of demanding customers, the collection presents a large number of models, varied in shape and color. The collection presents many shades of tortoise.


The most popular collection presents commercial shapes in subdued colors. This collection presents women's and men's models that take on a rather traditional cut. Ideal solution for conservative customers who are not yet ready to experiment with fashion. Slim temples, subtle fronts, subdued colors are the most important features of this collection. The iCon Basic brand follows seasonal fashion and presents it in a classic way, modern but classic.


Collection for those who like to surprise with their appearance. Consumers who are looking for a clear and visible frame will find the Brave iCON. Courage, timelessness and distinction from the crowd are the inspirations for this collection. Each model has distinctive cuts that give it a dynamic design, a cool look and solid construction. If you want to break out of the crowd, this avant-garde, urban style collection will definitely give you that.


For those who want to express themselves and create a unique style. Inspired by Australian beaches and a youthful look. Create your own ICON and personalize your glasses along with the case. Unique glasses that will make you notice and remember.