Australia – the land of kangaroos, BBQ and eternally young surfers. For centuries, the mysterious land remained cut off from the influences of Europe and America.

Everything changed after World War II. Due to natural resources, climate friendly and open residents of Australia was the promised land for immigrants from all over the world. Here, each started with a blank card indulging in the pleasures of life on the coast. Australia has become an oasis of surfers, divers and travelers, which contributed to the dynamic growth in the number of manufactures sports equipment. European culture and Hollywood productions had a clear impact on trends in fashion and culture, but the Australians while defending their distinctive identities created its own brands and product lines.

In this way, a brand ICON. Designers inspired by the culture of the beautiful and young coming to Australia from all over the world, created a narrow collection of sunglasses based on current trends. In addition to timeless design icons of the world of fashion, culture and sport ICON producers put on the highest quality. Each luminaire has been subjected to manual control and due to the harsh sun and scorching climate of lenses in each model had a polarizing film that provides protection from harmful radiation even in extreme conditions, while playing sports or driving.

Due to the huge popularity of the brand ICON line of sunglasses has been extended to corrective version of the most popular models.

The highest quality and precision (each piece has melted metal logo), the full collection of solar lighting enriched with a polarized lenses, modern design based on current global trends.